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Book with any of our artists and technicians through a variety of ways for.  Their IG, calling or texting 407-758-8895, e-mailing, OR by following the Booking button Link below!


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Booking Process

Most of our Esthetic Services like Lashes, Facials and other Skin Care Regimens, Permanent Makeup and even Piercings can be booked directly Online through the Booking Button above.


Some Services like Tattoos you can only book a Face-to-Face Consult through online booking to start as there is a variety of factors that will change pricing, time etc...  Generally we will ask questions like; Where you want the Tattoo on the Body?  About how big you want the Tattoo?  And any Reference Photos for questions about style, Detail, Coloration?

We always suggest checking out the Portfolios of each artist to see whose style would match the art style you are looking for.  For General questions on pricing and time frame you use our submission form below!  Please allow 72hours for response.

Artists can typically give a range of time and price through an online consult but tattoos NEED a face-to-face Consult for a definitive Pricing Quote.

Walk-Ins Always Welcome.

To start the booking process fill in the form below

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A Gift!

Know someone who already has an appointment or want to give the gift of Self Confidence?

We have Online Gift Certificates Available as well as Plastic Physical Gift Cards Available in Store.

For Online just follow the link in the button BELOW!

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